Saturday, 31 August 2013

Last night in the flat...

Today has been a busy one, I woke up at around 4am and was unable to get back to sleep with nerves for an hour or so, then K was up at 6. I then spent an hour pacing and shaking before getting into gear, keeping busy seemed to help. We took K to my sisters for a few hours so we could get the main things done. 2 trips to the tip, 1 trip to the charity shop, and 2 trips to people's houses with more bits and pieces followed by some last minute cleaning. Our flat is now totally bare. Just some suitcases, a laptop and a couple of airbeds. We celebrated our last night in our flat with pizza and icecream, much to K's delight! K is now bathed and asleep and we'll be trying to get some sleep soon ourselves. We're off to a friend's tomorrow around 8 to drop off the airbeds, then C is dropping off the car with the friend who is buying it off us and then some last goodbyes with my sister & family. Another friend is driving our bags round to the bus station (only 5 min walk away but we do have a lot of luggage) at half 12 and the coach leaves for Heathrow at half 1. We should be in the hotel by 5ish. Will drop in once we're settled there. It really is a strange feeling but we've nearly done it. Hope I'm not too nervous tomorrow! Til then.



  1. Hope your journey's going really well! Enjoy your adventure (I've just started following your blog, as I want to hear all about it!).

    1. Thank you, will hopefully get the next installment done tonight. Been a bit manic since we landed. :)