Sunday, 22 February 2015

Holidays and the new year

Again, my blog took a backseat over the festive season and beyond. Our 3 weeks in Goa were spent with very little internet access which was bliss. I needed to disconnect from work and the usual communications. C and I had a difficult few months too which discouraged me from writing. Hey, we all prefer to write about happy things, right? We're back on track now and I've been glad to be home after our holidays. 

It's the first real length of time I've had away from AV since we moved here and to come back made me really see how much I view this place as home. The peaceful green, lush beauty of this place, mostly free from litter even surpasses the tropical holiday vibes of Goa. 

We spent our time in the North of Goa where C's dad lives. The beaches are lovely and we spent part of every day by the sea. 
Christmas day sunset

We stayed at C's dad's house for the first 10 days as he had to go away on some business which helps lower the cost of our trip plus allowed us the use of a kitchen and his motorcycle.

We visited a waterpark (to K's joy),

and moved to a nice place called Lotus Inn for the second part of our holiday. We'd stayed there before so knew we'd have this lovely pool to enjoy.

I spent a little alone time at the Anjuna market looking at all the stalls and picking up a bargain or two.

We also spent some quality time with C's dad which was wonderful as we've not seen him in 2.5 years. He and K really got along well. Then it was time to say goodbye and head back to our sleeper train to Chennai.

Since we've been back, I've been on a bit of a health kick, lots of fresh fruit smoothies and salads (it's the best time of year for fresh local produce and it's wonderful). We've all been cycling more as well which can't help but make you feel good. We have some truly lovely shaded forest cycle paths running the length and breadth of Auroville. I'm working hard but still loving what I do and the baking side business is still going well too.

For now I'll close, sorry it's been so long but I'll be back soon with more updates from here. Until then here is a lotus to brighten your day.