Saturday, 6 April 2013

General musings on a Saturday morning...

Morning! The sun is shining, C left for work an hour ago and me and K are having our customary lazy Saturday morning.

Have felt a little in limbo the past week or two. There is so much to do, but also lots that can't be done until nearer our move. Next month will be the start of it all, with visas and tickets being purchased, which in turn means luggage will be purchased and I can start the laborious but not entirely un-enjoyable process of packing, repacking, repacking etc. Might sound a little early for such things but since I tend to overpack at the best of times (with numerous things being taken 'just in case'), it's best I pre-empt and save myself the stress of last minute packing.

The continuing cold weather has meant we've been mostly housebound barring the bi-weekly trip to nursery and the occasional visit to a friend's house. After 3 years without, there is finally a new swimming pool in our town so have been taking K once a week, although with the Easter hols in full swing, it's a little overcrowded. Still, it's better than the hour and a half round trip it took to go to the pool in Street.

My Pilates classes start up again after next week which will be nice, it's my one kid free hour a week and really compliments my other more strenuous weekly exercises. I've been doing a few of the positions at home over the holidays but it's not so easy with a 3 year old leaping on you at every opportunity! I am really looking forward to taking my fitness further once we've moved, I hope to continue Pilates but also want to do some more Yoga, I did some classes last time we visited AV and really enjoyed it. We're also planning on getting bicycles and attempting to cycle most places, only using the motorbike when necessary which will be tough in that heat but a great way to keep fit.

I've been looking to Pinterest for design ideas for the new house. As it's newly built, there is still landscaping to be done outside, planter troughs on the balcony to be filled and much more besides. I love this idea, for the garden - should be easy to do and a great project to do with K:

 Have also been thinking about what could be grown in the planter troughs. I've never had the space to grow my own vegetables, herbs etc so can't wait. Need to do some more research into what things would grow best. It's always been a dream of mine to live in a space with lots of plants so it will be a major project for me once we're there. I'd also like to plant a Hibiscus bush nearby as you can pick the flowers, infuse them with water and a little lemon juice to make a tasty and refreshing drink.

I've added a link to my Pinterest page if anyone is interested and I've also added a link to C's Etsy page where he sells his and his fathers handmade Indian inspired jewellery.

Well, that's all for now. Have a nice weekend everyone! L xx