Saturday, 10 August 2013

Into the last month

We got back from our last family visit on Mon, marking just 4 weeks until we leave. We had such a nice time seeing the family and also some of C's AV friends who are now settled over here. I feel most sad at saying farewell to my Grandparents as I don't really know when we'll be back but I know that I'll make the effort to keep in touch.

It's taken a little while to get back into our rhythm after nearly 5 days away but have been productive over the past few days. The main thing has been to cancel our gas, electric and water as well as our phone contracts and broadband. They all run out as we leave so won't have to go without anything before we go (not sure if we'd survive without internet!). Kai's notice at the nursery has been handed in, he'll attend right up to the last week as it gives us 2 mornings a week to get busy things done. His last day will be the Thurs and we leave on the Sat.

I've cleared our downstairs hallway (including the spindly legged spiders *shudder*) and we've done another trip to the tip with an armchair. Our landlady visits in a week's time which will be a good chance for discuss anything more we need to do but overall am pleased with how the place is coming along.

It's a funny time being so close to leaving, it can feel a little overwhelming as we still have lots of little chores to do and people to say our goodbyes too but am trying my best to just focus on one day at a time and getting a few things done everyday.

If the good weather holds out we can enjoy a few trips to the beach and the hills and if we can get a few friends to join us then it ties in with the goodbyes too.

That's all really for now, I look forward to when these posts are about more than cleaning!

Speak soon, L.

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