Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just a few days to go!

Am getting very nervous now, K went off to his penultimate day at nursery this morning so me and C have been trying to get the bags packed. It suddenly hit home as I was putting our travelling clothes on one side just what we're about to do. In a way it's been easy to not think too much about the reality of it as otherwise I just get overwhelmed but it's unavoidable now. It'll be easier once we're actually doing the journey as you just have to get on with it.

We get a coach from our bus station at 1.30pm on Saturday to arrive at our hotel around 5pm. Our flight is a 1.15pm the following day so have plenty of time to check out, get to the terminal, check in etc etc. We arrive in Mumbai at 3.05am and fly out to Chennai at 7.00am to arrive at 8.55am. From there we get a taxi to AV which will take roughly 2.5 hours, then we will sleep.

Am hoping K will not be too much trouble on the journey. he wasn't too bad last time but he was 18 months younger. He's been finding this transition difficult and his behaviour has been trying over the past week especially but am sure that we'll cope. At least me and C can take it in turns to be in charge so the other gets a little break.

It's C's last day of work today which he's happy about. We're having a few friends round tomorrow evening then Thurs and Fri will be spent doing the last minute trips to the tip and last goodbyes. K's last day of nursery is Thurs which gives us the morning to get major things done.

Will stop by before we go but for now best get on.

Yours shakily, L.

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