Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A little update...

Hi there, well after just over 7 months, the Entry Service have been kind enough to go ahead with our applications. Our papers still haven't arrived from Chennai but they have been guaranteed that our residential permits have been approved and that it's not fair on us to delay the process any longer.
I will become a 'Newcomer' for a year before becoming an Aurovilian and C will be a 'Returning Aurovilian' for six months before regaining his status. K will become a 'Child of Auroville' until his 18th birthday, when he can then choose to be added to the master list and become an Aurovilian in his own right.
I had my interview with them last Thurs and have since spent this week filling out forms and getting documents in support of my application. Hopefully in about 10 days time I will be announced in the weekly News and Notes and my year as a Newcomer will begin.
It's an exciting time as it marks our commitment to AV and opens up a few more opportunities that just aren't available to a volunteering guest.
Other than that, things are much the same. It is getting very hot. It's said that April is a difficult month as you really notice the change from warm to hot, after this month you kind of get used to being perpetually sweaty. It's fine as long as you have regular access to pools, showers, fans etc. But then, the middle of April is the latest in the year I've been here so we'll see how it is in a month or so!
Anyway, just wanted to share our good news.
More soon.


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