Saturday, 1 June 2013

3 Months to go!

All being well, 3 months from now we will be setting off on our adventure. May has passed by quickly. We've made another trip to the charity shop - we keep going to a different one each time to spread the goodwill. Lucky that all the charity shops in our town are on the same street! Also made a trip to the tip and have started taking shelves down in the flat so we can fill the holes and paint over them, am determined to leave the place in a good condition as having our deposit returned would give us a nice amount of 'back up' money. Have given away more stuff to friends and am already plotting what's to go next. :)

We are still waiting on the letter of recommendation from the Auroville Entry Service despite filling out the application forms a month and a half ago. This time of year over there is very hot (today it's 32 degrees) so it's like the equivalent of an out of season holiday destination. Everything ticks over but so much more slowly, there are no tourists and many residents escape to cooler climes. Add to that the relaxed, unfussed Indian attitude to getting things done and you have a frustratingly slow wait for anything! Still, hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will get the letter and then the fun really starts. It's a good lesson in patience in the meantime.

The summer was a factor in when we decided to arrive over there. By Sept it will have cooled down and will be gearing up for the monsoon, meaning we have almost a year to acclimatise before the next summer. I've heard that it takes about 3 years to fully get used to the extreme heat of the summer!

It's been just over a year since we were last over there and I've been reminiscing. Especially since we got married just 7 weeks after returning, this time of year has fond memories for me. Here's a few of my favourite photos from our last visit:

Our mode of transport - a Honda Unicorn.

Sitting in 'Infinity' a fairly new community (part of the Youth Centre) on a slate floor we helped to lay over a weekend.

Beautiful little pond at the entrance to the Matramandir gardens.

In Pondicherry
Me and K feeding Lakshmi the elephant at the Ganesh Temple in Pondicherry.

Car art youth project at a junction near the Youth Centre.

Anyhoo, that's all for now, hopefully more to report soon. Have a lovely weekend. L xx

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