Saturday, 14 June 2014

My amazing new job.

More soon, just a quick check in as I wanted to share my good news.
Since emigrating I’ve been kinda bimbling around trying to find a place to work, I mean a place to really invest my time and energy in a way that feels right in my heart.
I mean, I’ve spent my whole adult life doing whatever work came my way. To continue in that direction after taking the leap of faith and moving here seemed a little silly.
This video is a few years old but wanted to show you who I’ll be working with from July: Eco Femme Video.
Not only do they make beautiful environmentally friendly cloth pads (with nappies and breast pads in the pipeline) stitched by local village women to provide them with livelihoods but they do extensive work to help empower and educate women here in India on menstruation. Watch the vid and you’ll see what stigma is attached to that perfectly natural monthly occurance through lack of education and communication.
Am so excited as it’s exactly what I hoped to do out here. Since using cloth nappies with my son, I've seen how good you can feel about making a small change and have been proudly using reusable sanitary products for a few years now. Disposable sanitary waste is bad news, full of plastic and harmful toxins and isn't going away.
It’s all come about due to following an inkling of an idea and just goes to show that sometimes it’s good to 'find your dream and boldly go for it' (wise words from my dear uncle) 
More info on the inititative available here on their website: Eco Femme.
Laura xx

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